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I'm nerdtastic, write compulsively, and live for live music. I love partying, all things Joss Whedon, Harry Potter, & Doctor Who. This is a fandom heavy blog filled with fangirling, with dashes of feminism and social issues, and the occasional personal rant. I'm pierced x5, inked x2, and liberal as fuck.

Friendships between women are often the deepest and most profound love stories

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Calgary Stabbing Information Post →


So if you’re familiar with Calgary, you may have heard that this morning the community at the University of Calgary woke up to the news that five of their classmates had been stabbed to death just hours after the last day of classes and the ensuing party.

Here’s a masterpost of important…

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I need to stay off Facebook Jesus Christ. 4/5 victims were former classmates. This has made me talk to people I’ve long since lost touch with and i thought i was ok but now that I’m alone again it’s hitting me again and I can’t stop crying

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Out of context motivational Joffrey


Out of context motivational Joffrey

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I keep refreshing the news page, waiting for the other victims’ names to be released. Ahhh.

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What. There was a mass stabbing at a post-end of year party yesterday and they just released two of the names. They were people who were in my grade, from my high school. What the fuck. I didn’t think for a minute that I would know anyone involved. I feel sick.

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We are all Josh Hutcherson

The HunTer Games and Catching fireS tho

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